A Happy Marriage
12 Jan 2016

A Happy Marriage

Everyone believes their marriage will last forever but sadly many do not.

Life happens, tough times, illnesses, loss of a job, and other stressful situations, but it doesn’t have to spell disaster. In a throw-away society it can be easy to just walk away from something that would just take a little help, support and talking to each other.

A long lasting marriage needs a few basic things.

Commitment, good communication, love and affection. There are many little things which together form a happy environment to live happily together.

The Main areas for problems to arise are easily addressed;

Learn to communicate – You are both equally important.

Money matters – It is all yours…. Both of yours!!

Respect and affection – Treat each other as you would like to be treated.

Adultery and jealousy are different things – again communicate and seek help if needed

Make room for sex – Affection, cuddles, time for you both to spend intimately together


Put your marriage first – Your relationship is the most important thing, together you will create your future life, family, fulfil your dreams, have someone you love to share it with…. So nurture it, protect it and love it, having a successful loving relationship requires you to remember there is two of you in that relationship, and that you are both equally important.