Brenda Keeling Wedding Planner Tips Part 1 – You’re Engaged!
08 Jan 2016

Brenda Keeling Wedding Planner Tips Part 1 – You’re Engaged!

In the list below, I’ve highlighted some wedding services you should book sooner rather than later, not because they’re any more important (we know your wedding dress is probably number one on the list) but because these are the wedding service providers who usually only book one wedding per Saturday – and I want it to be yours!

Wedding venue

Wedding photographers

Wedding videographer

Wedding DJ’s and entertainment

The wedding cars

Wedding Tip

Wedding reception venues book up quickly so find the reception venue first, particularly if you want your wedding on a Saturday, 75% of brides still cite Saturday as their first choice.


Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now it’s time to…

  1. Announce your engagement and start to organise your engagement celebration.
  2. Buy the engagement ring (if you haven’t already got the rock on your finger!).
  3. Decide on a wedding budget, and sit down with you partner to make important wedding decisions. Consider the style of wedding you would like ie black tie, lounge suit, smart casual etc and the atmosphere of the wedding day itself.
  4. Decide on whether you are having a wedding close to home or a destination wedding.
  5. Decide on the date and time you would like to hold your wedding.
  6. Book your wedding reception venue.
  7. If you plan on using a wedding planner to organise your entire wedding, book your wedding planner now.
  8. Start your health and beauty regime.

Part two coming soon…..