Busy Mum's Perfect Family Wedding
16 Jan 2017

Busy Mum’s Perfect Bayview Wedding

Busy Mum’s Perfect Bayview Wedding

I arrived as usual an hour early but the Bride arrived early too.

She made me smile when she asked me if I wanted any help. And then off she started down the steep bank with her back pack on & the biggest smile ever …. All Mum’s know you have to be ready at all times when you have 5 kiddies.

The stunning Moreton bay views  from Ormiston Park was the backdrop to their wedding and below all the family were already set up with BBQ, blankets and cool boxes.

After setting up I relaxed for an hour as they all enjoyed family time, the boys then rang their bells to alert everyone that the wedding was about to start and I cranked up the music as they all walked over.

Everything was perfect, happy and full of fun, it was a long-awaited day for the happy couple, they had asked me 18 months before if I would marry them but when you have a family sometimes your plans get put onto the back burner.

Their wedding was a simple, happy, family affair, without all the pomp and fuss of some weddings but it lost nothing in the special and perfect department.

As I walked away they were all laughing, kids playing, food cooking and glasses chinking. Congrats guys you finally made it to the Mr & Mrs club.