Cleveland Lighthouse Wedding
11 Aug 2016

Cleveland Lighthouse Wedding

I am always trying to think of new and awesome ways to create the perfect meaningful and happy experience that we call a wedding ceremony. So when I met Cristan and Natasha it really made my day because we were all on the same page.

I wanted to create something special for them not perfect in everyone’s standards and styles but just perfect for them because their wedding deserves an amazing ceremony.

The wedding was hosted at the Lighthouse Cleveland overlooking the Moreton bay and Islands, with the reception held at the iconic Lighthouse restaurant.

“Brenda gave us loads of ideas and we opted for writing our story, how we met and got to that point in our lives. She offered advise and suggestions but worked with us totally on how we wanted it to be. Neither of us wanted to say our vows to each other it can get too emotional in front of everyone so Brenda turned it all around, asking us and we just said “I do”

“Everything was about us, what mattered most to us, we laughed and cried and laughed some more, Brenda read out our story complete with cursing’s everyone laughed it was the most wonderful day”

Thank you Brenda, you encouraged us to think about what we wanted and made our day everything we dreamt of.