How to soldier on when things go wrong!!
11 Aug 2016

How to soldier on when things go wrong!!

Josh & Charlotte perfect beachy wedding was almost postponed when Charlotte broke her leg a few weeks out from the big day, but with family flying in from the UK, flights, holidays and basically everything booked and ready to go they had no choice but to carry on regardless.

Once over the initial shock of having to wear a moon boot on her wedding day Charlotte decided that she was not going to let it ruin her big day. She walked down the aisle with Dad and Brother Micky at either side for support hobbling along and smiling all the way.

Everything was perfect, sunshine, beautiful beachy ocean view, fun, love and happiness finished off with a delicious dinner in Kingscliffe Bowls Club.

The first dance was beautiful Josh basically carrying her around the dance floor quickly followed by plenty of moon boot dancing throughout the evening.

The next day not only did they have beautiful memories of a practically perfect day but also a very tired bride with a very sore leg, but it was all good, Josh was only too happy to look after and spoil his new wifey.

“We couldn’t have asked for a celebrant that was more proactive and passionate about making our ceremony a fun, upbeat celebration. Brenda encouraged and supported us offering valuable advise throughout to ensure everything ran perfectly”.

She encouraged us to write our own vows (which we had never really thought much about beforehand)- and we’re so glad we did!

The ceremony was just what we wanted: a fun, celebration of love and happiness shared with all of our nearest and dearest and we will remember it always.

We’d recommend everyone to have Brenda as a celebrant- she’s fabulous”!

Troop on Troop on2

Life isn’t always perfect but it’s pretty awesome sometimes!!