Jess & Ben’s Wedding Story
07 Jan 2016

Jess & Ben’s Wedding Story

Jess & Ben became Husband & Wife at Raby Bay Marina, Cleveland.

Jessica and Ben 0283

The most daunting part about our wedding was trying to imagine how everything would come together in the end. Feeling a little bit overwhelmed, I had worried and stressed about all the details and who was doing what. The venue, the Dove release, the photos, the ceremony, the set up…. It is a never ending cause for anxiety and I worried constantly that something would go wrong, BUT!!!

“It looked totally amazing” just perfect!!

Jessica and Ben 0330My lovely Ben waited patiently with the best men.

We had chosen a gorgeous local Musician/Entertainer Breanna, she sang and played her guitar like an angel as I walked up the aisle with my Dad.

As I started to relax everything just fell into place, all my planning and organising had paid off.

Jessica and Ben 0403

Our Grand Finale – The Dove Release

I was really worried the Dove might poop on my dress or fly off the wrong way. Even though I am used to handling birds it is still very nerve racking knowing you will have to grab a feathery little creature with everyone watching and waiting for something wonderful to happen. It was a very special part of our day and we wanted it to be spectacular. And it was…….. 1, 2, 3 go!!!!

Jessica and Ben 0428


After we released our individual ones the basket with several more was up next… Everyone cheered and really enjoyed it. Birdies all flew away safely and I didn’t get pooped on.


HAPPILY EVER AFTER – Perfect end to a perfect day!Jessica and Ben 0733 (1)