McArthur Gardens and Chapel
11 Aug 2016

McArthur Gardens and Chapel

Catherine, Manny and I met up this week to dream big about their wedding, Catherine said I have just been to Mc Arthur Gardens to look at their little chapel, It is exactly what I always dreamed of for my wedding day, so the previous venue was kicked into touch and the little chapel was booked.

Mc Arthur Gardens and Chapel in Alexandra Hills is one of the cutest little places in the Redlands and one of my favourite venues, with its traditional chapel, awesome acoustics, air-con and sound systems it is not only gorgeous but perfect for hot days, rainy days and everything in between.

I cannot remember a more perfect day, happy tears, laughter, family and love. Exactly what a wedding should be a celebration of family and friends coming together to witness and share the most special moments of two people in love.