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Every One is Unique!

Your day can be as unique as you are. Below are a few traditional ideas but as your celebrant, I am happy to work with you to make the perfect ceremony for you.


Symbolise the coming together, often with family & friends.


The giving & receiving of rings.


Ceremonial preparation by the host, drunk by the guests, traditionally Chinese & Japanese.


Layering of sand in a decorative bottle, symbolizing your separate lives joined together as one – family & friends may also be involved.


The giving of a rose, the traditional flower of love.


Joining of hands using essential oils or ribbons (fastening).

Memorial Mention

For family members who cannot be with us, often incorporated with the lighting of a candle & ringing of a bell followed by a moments silence.

You may be considering a Reading, Poem or a Ritual, all of which can be incorporated into your special day ensuring it is as unique as you are.

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